As committed as we are to creating exceptional products, we are equally committed to driving positive social impact.

Vivari was built on the principle that business can be a force for good.  With hundreds of millions of children worldwide lacking access to high-quality education and recognizing that education has the power to transform lives, we focus our giving efforts to advance educational initiatives around the world.

Our search for the most innovative, impact-driven organizations led us to Shanti Bhavan’s Children Project. Based in India, Shanti Bhavan offers a fully-immersive, holistic education and mentorship program to India’s socially and economically disadvantaged children. From pre-school to college, Shanti Bhavan commits to educating and empowering its students to become independent, driven world citizens and permanently break the cycle of poverty.

Each purchase will directly support the children at Shanti Bhavan.  We commit to take you on a journey with these students as you have a positive impact on their lives!

Shanti Bhaven Students